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Cross back pack

$ 11.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 25
Min Order : 2730
Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

Bags in Bag -Cross Bag _BTPAPR
Product name :Cross Bag
Brand : Bags in Bag
Product Number : BTPAPR
Color : Navy Blue, Brown
Origin : China
Material :  Nylon 100% (water proofing fabrics)
Size :   190×228mm
Slim design of cross bag added on practicality with external zips
As a cross bag made with a lightweight material it is good to be worn around shoulders everyday 
It can suit a back pack
It can store wallets, mobile phones and valuables in the 

internal pockets neatly finished inside of the bag 

The cross strap is adjustable in length and detachable from the bag
Practical pockets and good size to portableness
Vey usefule on travel and as at all times

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