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Cooling Rack (Micro Data Center)

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Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

1. Model : Cooling Rack Edge (Has 4 Models)

  - Cooling Capacity : 7,000 BTU

  - Rack Unit : 18U

  - Sealing : Dust-poof & Soundproof

  - Demention : 1,500(H) * 650(W * 950(D)

  - Monitoring

  - Password authentication (Access Control)


More information, Please visit our website (www.coolingrack.net)

Cooling Rack ?

Small-sized independent data center with constant temperature,

soundproof, dustproof, power-saving and monitoring functions,

for which cooling can be focused only on IT equipment as being

separated from the external influences (Dust, Humidity and

temperature) by adding cooling system into a standard rack and

sealing the internal up.

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