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* Launching plan . B-Type: May 19

. A, B C-Type: August 19

* B-type estimates 60% of the

total market

Just as the impression of First Class,

Pleasant car sunshade system C Y Sunshade !!

* Stop the hot sun, protect the precious skin, premium sunshade system

• The world's first innovative sunshade system for driver (patented product)

World's first

Car Sunshade for Driver


A space for you where the class is different...

SUNSHADE ’s   four innovative designs

SUNSHADE’s four innovative designs

1. Robust design with maximum stability

The strong support structure that binds the top of the door frame and the bottom of the door trim.

It shows robust stability when opening and closing the door as well as when driving.

2. Scientific awnings with 3. A one-way design that allows

100% sunlight inflow due to the hand and head to be extended sun altitude change even when the toll gate is retracted.

The main aining and auxiliar y sun The wide awning opening width screens effectively block sun extends out of the toll gate, altitude changes by day and year It makes rear parking convenient.

by season.

3. Aerodynamic design eliminates coarse tubular lance at window open.

Two support frames on the left and right of the product and hundreds of perforated canopy reduce the pressure difference inside and outside the vehicle.

It provides a refreshing driving experience by changing from strong winds to soft winds.

UV aging


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