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Main Products

HMI : Human Machine Interface (product name : EasyView , EasyWeb)
Easyiew provides data monitoring, control, analysis trend, report, real-time open interface and multi project function.
Industrial field Customized software. EasyWEB enables remote monitoring / control using the Internet It can be applied to various fields.

BEMS : BEMS(Building Energy Management System (product name : EasyBEMS)
Energy data monitoring, prediction and analysis are possible.
The predicted data can be directly controlled by the necessary system to achieve substantial energy savings.

FMS : Facility Management System (product name : EasyFMS)
It is easy to find information about the facilities of the building, and can efficiently manage maintenance.
It can interface with HMI to display and analyze data such as alarm, and operation time of equipment.

DDC: Direct Digital Control
It is a controller for independently controlling the various input /output devices in the building from the field.
Up to 16 modules can be expanded considering system expansion.

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