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3D Display Panel

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The company is specialized in producing special purpose 3D panels such as medical grade 3D panels.

3D  panel  market,  it  is  expected  to  be  an  attractive  growth  market  that  will  grow  to US$ 410 billion by 2024, however, the company strategically pursues to be the world’s only  and  differentiated  "on-demand  engineered  manufacturer"  of  special  purpose  3D panel.

Its current focused market is ‘ Medical grade 3D display panel for 3D eye test equipment’ and it could be expanded to Medical grade 3D display panel for robotic surgery monitor, Defense  &  Aerospace  area  (Simulator,  Drone  remote-control  viewer),  Non-glasses gaming panel and 3D Digital signage.

These special-purpose 3D panel market are characterized by high profitability of 25% EBITDA margin and predictability, and the company has a small but related full-process covered facility and has accumulated outstanding technical capability
The company is seeking investors for establishing own research and manufacturing site to strengthen its specialized business capabilities.

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