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BNK Air Filters is a leading air filter manufacturing company which has been working on HVAC systems for 16 years. Since 2001 BNK has been working on manufacturing on air filter and filtering systems. Today the company has evolved into a full-line manufacturer of a huge variety of commercial and industrial filters, offering the industry's broadest range of air filters for any application.

Ventilating systems and air conditions systems are integral parts of the engineering structure of the buildings and plants. The clean air needed in the living spaces is acquired with the help of these systems. The elements used in these systems, with which the life quality of people increases, have also great role in the air quality to be created. Filters are used as the identifier factor of the air quality in ventilating systems. Despite the simple structure of these filter elements having a significant role in the air quality identification, they should be produced within the framework of very precise measurement and standards.
Appropriate filters should be used in order to capture the particles, power, dust etc in the air conditioning plants and ventilating systems, perform the necessary segregations in the ventilator inlets and decrease the decrease the viruses and bacteria in the supply air. All the filters should be manufactured not to allow any tiny leakage. Gradual filtration system is used depending on the desired air quality.
With the great experience of many years in the industry it is active in, BNK Filters gives service with many filter types of various places of use and intentions.

Speciality : BAF-2000BPR; BAF-2000BP; BAF-2000BS The series of ceiling filters are mainly used in surface spray-paint industry, especially for final filtration in spray booth, which is processed by high-powered non-woven of anti-break synthetic fiber. filtetmat is made of such synthesized fibers as polyester, polyamiade and nylon, which is characterized with high-airi-permeability, low pressure drop and large dust holding capacity. patented anti-broken, closely-bonded synthetic fibers, no shedding. No use of chemical binder, thermal-bonded techniques, retardant to fire. Humility-resistant up to 100%RH. Heat-resistant up to 100t Washable type available. Imported type with progressive structure I.e. progressive increase of fiber density toward downstream side which effectively extends lifetime. 

Speciality : BAF-500; BAF-1000; BAF-1500; BAF-2000 This series of filters is designed for seriously polluted general ventilation and the entrance of air control series as pre-filtration or coarse filtration. Conforming to the non-flammability standard and classification of European DIN53438-F1 and the United States UL900-Class2 Be workable many times after washing the dust collected Be widely used in pleated and pocket filters Excellent dust collection efficiency The two-layered non-woven fabric has dense density so that the direction of the air flow can be advanced, thereby exerting the function of deep filtration optimally and exhibiting excellent efficiency. Low pressure loss : Density is uniform, so differential pressure is small and life is prolonged. Superior Resilience : Superior resilience, excellent shape fixabiliry and low differential pressure. Special specifications are also available upon request. Cutting possible (width, length), maximum thickness (1 mm—SOmm possible), antibacterial treatment, waterproof treatment, antistatic treatment, flame retardant treatment.

 Speciality:PA-SO/PA-100 This product is composited of continuous monofilament glass fiberglass. It is used in heat recovery systems and high-quality paint mist filtration of surface coating with the high rate of capturing particles and long life-cycle. Paint arrestor is a graduated density glass media, specially developed to capture paint overspray and prevent if from being discharged into atmosphere. thanks to its high shape stability, low resistance, It is suitable for collection of all types of paint mist, irrespective of the solvent type and including vitreous enamel, which greatly saves youi maintenance cost. Constructed of glass filament, with an open structure on the upstream face, graduating in density to an integral laminated backing on the downstream side. High shape-stability glassfiber high arrestance efficiency and dust holding capacity to paint overspray. Fail flammability, maximum heat-resistance up to 150°C Long lifetime, unnecessary for frequent replacement, maintenance cost reduced, maximum temperature up to 200°C Can be supplied as cut pads based on your requirements, or be assembled into metal frathe or paper frame. Can be replaced by corrugated paper filter and coconut-tree filter with higher efficiency and longer operation-time. Can be compressed when shipment to save shipment space and cost, esey to return original lofty shape. Meeting your demand, tackifier additive can be applied.

Speciality : With high-quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorption material, it is made by the means of attaching activated carbon to the matrix of the fiber. Good absorption and dust collection effect, easy to be formed (cutting and folding arbitrarily), high intensity and low air resistance, it is mainly used in industrial waste gas treatment, fume purification and gas adsorption as well as a variety air-conditioning, air filter package in household and automobiles. It can be used alone to remove dust, mist, odor and volatile organic pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde etc. It can also be compounded with superfine melt-blown fiber, coarse filter cotton to reach a better dust filtering and deodorant effect.

Speciality : Activated carbon non-woven is made by special micro-fiber and coco activated carbon. It has fine adsorption ability, uniform thickness, nice ventilation, no peculiar smell, high carbon content. Common Applications : It is mainly used to make anti-gas and dust proof masks. It is also widely used in heavy pollution industry such as chemical, pharmacy, painting and pesticide with remarkable effect on gas defense and deodorization. Tested filter media with 4mm in thickness.

Speciality : Common Applications : Dust filtration, pre-filtration in air filter program. Features : Large filtering area, low initial resistance, high air flow, large dust holding capacity, completely disposable. Filter media: Incremental structure of flame-retardant synthetic fiber filter media, conforming to european din5343841. Frame : Waterproofing chipboard, abandoned chipboard frame filters can be burned, no pollution, conforming to environmental requirements/metal frame also available. with unique desing, it can be reused, reducing cost. Connector : Tooling-made plastic connector for t=46mm type with excellent sealing performance, can eliminate the hidden risk of hurting the erector that the sharp corner formed by the two joining metal connector, during the process of installing, replacing and rinsing. Internal frame : Self-sealing structure of combined parts, no rick of leaking out. downstream side of the synthetic media is specially finished smooth to refrain second pollytion from shedding fibers. Low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity. Waste can be disposed of conveniently, meeting the requirements of environmental protection. Media can be chosen from such special medium as glass-fiber pad, nylon mesh and metal mesh. Features : Large filtering area, low initial resistance, high air flow, large dust holding capacity, completely droppable.

Speciality : Common Application :It is mainly used in Hi-tech electronics, military aerospace coating area; filtering tar and smoke produced in high-temperature oven. This filter allows for effective filtering of tars, soots, rusts, etc, produced in high temperatrue oven to prevent fouling of product surface. This filter made of special synthetic fibers has enough durability at high temperatures and is very easy in handling, as distinguished from glass fibers which may be broken and airborned when replacing the filtering media. BI-100w is applicable for 180°C-240°C, and BE-100 wrincly used in two plys is applied for temperature less then 180°C. service life of the filter depends on its working temperature. as its durability is depends on an air velocity running hour, atmosphere and other conditions, please consult us when operating it at the conditions other than given in the standard specifications. each fiber is not in the same direction, and it is sterically-disposed. therefore, it has high dust holding capacity and use for a long period. it is made by combining special materials, and it brings the heat resistance. it is made of organic fiber. compared with glass fiber filter, there will be smaller possibility to break the fiber and fly apart with our filter, and it is possible to recycle thermally.

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