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$ 473.00
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Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

Makeup your inner-skin with light!
From many light existing in this world, feel natural hidden light with SHINE MASKwhich is the most beautiful sparkle inside my skin.
IOT Function + Beauty Device + Cosmetic
SMART COSMETIC DEVICE came to the world with the combination of EAST SKIN IOT Function + Beauty Device + Cosmetic. It will present healthy and beauty through trendy Cosmetic-device which you have never experienced before.

How to Detach Eye Cover
01. To detach the eye cover, force push the badqxciipn of the mover

02. Check the we coves inter *le labeled with left(14 and iright(R) .

03. Eye cover is detathable so you may use it to ycur pefereme.

04. Please keep the eye caer n the safe place to prevent bz. 

TIME TO "SHINE MASK" LED SKIN CARE SOLUTION MAKEUP YOUR INNER SKIN WITH "LIGHT" SHINE MASK is specially designed premium LED mask that delivers Near infrared ray therapy as an anti-aging, acne reducing skin treatment, helps boost collagen in the skin and scalp to give you a youthful appearance.

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