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Haha Group is pursuing to serve all the customers sincerely with humble attitude with passion among employees with the life—extending project to help the mankind healthy.
We are now in a transition from nutrient ingesting medicine era to excretion medicine era.
Due to autointoxication of excretion, our blood becomes opaque and rotten, and we end up dying. This has long been proved by medical doctors. Happy Colon and Jang Star are equipped with large intestine cleans ing function and vagina cleansing function, and Jang Bia Gold is equipped with filtering function, skin bidet function, and excreting function as the advanced well—being inventions. Jang*Bia Gold Happy * Colon Jang*Star made with the advanced technology 99
Soft and strong water spout cleans wastes in the skin (pore) Help excrete when it is difficult to excrete due to constipation Available to enjoy Bidet with fresh feeling in a short amount of time Available to excrete at any time Available to excrete within 3 minutes in a tight schedule Available to enjoy healthy life by cleansing the large intestine and vagina (1 set for 110 thousand won for additional purchase of large intestine deansing stick) Starting in 1998 for the health of mankind, it was worth investing on the life extending project for a long time. Jang Bia Gold, Happy Colon, and Jang Star, the outcome of advanced technology to innovate the medical field
Application was completed for the patent (including the domestic patent) for 111 items in PCT (International Patent Cooperation Treaty) where 148 countries in all over the world joined. As a single item, this product is expected to renew the Guinness record with the most patents.
Jang Bia Gold, Happy Colon, and Jang Star are the one and only mufti—functional cleansing machine that similar or imitated products cannot even be made and also the greatest invention as a new origin of global medical technology to be exclusively supplied to al over the world for 20 years.
• Highly portable with compact size (length: 32cm/ weight: 250g)
• Filtering function to supply purified water with dual filter and functional balls including antibacterial crystal balls
• Anus bidet function to cleanse rectum in anus
• Skin bidet function to remove germs and foreign substances in the pores
• Inject water to the rectum and completely cleanse excreta
• Vagina cleansing function to remove germs as a cause of women' s diseases and foul smell

• Large intestine cleansing function to remove excreta in the large intestine from rectum through valves

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