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Our company's specific product is EXODEN toothpowder.

Main efficacies of EXODEN toothpowder are Curing your gum diseases, Abrasion-free Scaling, and Reducing oral pain & wound dramatically

If someone having gum disease use exoden powder for 1~4weeks

you can see removal of bleeding, bacterias, inflammation, infection, wounds in oral.

Because of these amazing Effects, Dentists in Korea call EXODEN to The World’s smallest dentist, not just a toothpaste.

There is something very strange.

Everyone brushes their teeth every day with Toothpaste

We cannot help having a big question.

Why Despite of thousands of toothpastes are selling and used by people over the world

Yet most of people still live having gum diseases and harmful bacteria.

In the result, this means No Toothpastes can solve periodontal diseases and oral bacteria.

We definitely need another real solution that hasn’t existed by now.

These are the cases of before and after using EXODEN in famous Korean top dental clinic.

The first patient on the left side pictures was bleeding in oral so much after he brushed his teeth with interdental brush.

But after he started to use EXODEN, his bleeding decreased over 90% when testing the same way in just two weeks.

The second patient on the right side pictures had serious periodontitis having Bleeding, inflammation of the gums, gingivitis

But after he started to use EXODEN, His all the symptoms and diseases in oral markedly have decreased compared to 4 weeks ago. (in just four weeks)

Like this, EXODEN is the first product over the world that makes your gum cure and be healthy by just brushing your teeth.

This is the data sheet of Oral Bacteria detected by DNA test with saliva.

It shows us types and numbers of bacteria before and after using EXODEN.

As you can see,

After use of EXODEN, bacteria causing oral disease and other serious diseases, which can’t be treated with  existing toothpaste and toothbrush, are remarkably decreased.

Why is this experiment data amazing?

Because it is not the result obtained in a controlled laboratory,

but the result was obtained in everyday life, such as eating food, drinking alcohol, or smoking.

EXODEN is also used by other medical hospitals.

EXODEN is safe enough to use even for pregnant women

(in gynecologists .)

(In addition, EXODEN is sold in pediatric medicine and internal medicine for patients' health.)

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