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With our exclusive Cellumed Lab, the FGF7, an ingredient of youth that can not be easily get due to price beyond imagination and technology constraints, is now available through DermiCos.

FGF7 which are used to treat scars and burn and Antioxidant formula of golden ratio will not only repair the damaged DNA but also strengthens the cells of the skin barrier, transforming your skin to withstand any external stimulus.

-Unde Skin Care Cream and Deaging Ampoule, made with the exclusive FGF7 from our research lab CelluMed will instantly give you the powerful effect.

FGF7, which is used for treat burn and scar, is the most similar component to human protein. It will penetrates deep into the skin and help new cells grow and restore the skin prime that is once lost.

The Golden Ratio Antioxidant Formula will not only repair the damaged DNA of the dermal layer of the skin but also strengthens the cells of the skin barrier, improving skin immunity against any external stimuli.

-The skin reacts sensitively to fine dust with heavy metals, ultraviolet rays, and external temperature changes. The Pseudoalteromonas component obtained from the clean Antarctic land provides a smart response to skin antioxidant, which is the main cause of aging and quickly restores damaged skin DNA.

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