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Handock Cosmetics has worked hard to research products by considering makeup not as “painting” the skin, but by approaching skin as living cells. Handock’ skin science starts from such an approach.

In addition, we believe that healthy beauty comes from a healthy and harmonious body inside out. As such, we are focusing our research capacity on developing products made of natural ingredients.

> Cosmetics that contain nature-derived extracts

The founder of Handock Cosmetics has a doctoral degree in pharmaceutics. As such, based on his 30 years of clinical

testing experiences as a drugstore pharmacist, he used purely nature-derived extracts that nourish skin cells—gold licorice, Portulaca extract, morus bark, and ginkgo leaves—to develop mild, hypoallergenic, and natural cosmetics.

> Hair products that contain fermented natural and medicinal Oriental herb compounds

We make nature-friendly hair products by fermenting, refining, and extracting natural herbal medicine compounds, which are traditionally known in Oriental medicine, to nourish the hair and promote its growth. We prioritize head-totoe consumer beauty, hygiene, and health. Moreover, we focus our research capacity on enabling our consumers to enjoy a healthier and more beautiful life.

> Edible cosmetics that are harmonious with the skin 

We believe that beautiful skin comes from a healthy and harmonious body from the inside out. Thus, our bioengineering research center developed edible cosmetics that act like health foods, suppress toxicity that harm makeup, and provide balanced nutrients.

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