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Je Te Veux Tone up Cream

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"Je Te Veux" means "I want you" in French.

 Je Te Voux tone up cream contains French patented ingredient (Hydraoulrized Matel leaf extract-Longjebisel) and more than 10 sorts botanical extracts restoring elegant skin texture.

Functional tone up cream with tender and moist application creates bright skin tone.

Can be applied to who want skin tone improvement, soft skin texture and vital skin.

Continuous usage helps actual skin tone up and whitening.

※ How to use : Take proper amount and spread to face skin after washing in the treminal stage of basic skin care. 

※ Effect  : Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle

-Product feature Strength

*French patented ingredient (Hydraoulrized Matel leaf extract-Longjebisel) and more than 10 sorts botanical extracts

*Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract instead of purified water

*Unlike other former tone up cream focused on whitening, main property of rice-Oryza Stiva and various vitamin components make the skin gain prompt whitening, moisturizing,  antioxidation, anti-pigmentation and get vital bright skin texture, skin soothing.

*Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle functions

*Primer function of basic skin care stage

*No fragrance with natural fragrance using EWG 1class

*Usage in the terminal stage after basic skin care products applied to both man and woman

Maximum application

*Primer of make up base ! → Apply tone up cream to face and then use BB cream and foundation for smooth bright skin tone

*Terminal stage of basic skin care as Night care before sleep !

→ Bright skin after 3 weeks with combination of moist and functional ingredients as night skin care before sleep.

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