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Dewatering process of surplus sludge in sewage treatment

purpose of use
- Reduction of sludge and efficiency of wastewater flocculation treatment by improving water content

Product type
-Cation : High molecular weight polymer. effective in improving dehydration Cake
moisture content
-Anion : Maintain stable effect for a long time when coagulating wastewater
Performance and features
-Improvement of stability of emulsion gives uniform effect even in long-term storage.
-High molecular weight polymer is effective to improve dehydration cake moisture content.
-Excellent solubility in water and excellent cohesion for easy use
-We can supply diversified products suitable for customer site through experiments.
C Sewage treatment plant
-As a result of checking the status of dehydration in the field, water content  of existing products was 82.15% and the amount of coagulant injection was increased.
-Demonstrated Lab Test and selected appropriate product with ZETACOA 16C
-As a result of the field application, the use of chemicals decreased and the water content of water decreased by 2% from 82.13% to 80.07%.

A Sewage treatment plant
-They want to replace the product (powder -> emulsion) by replacing the dehydrator(belt press type -> centrifugal dehydration type)
-The product is selected by ZETACOA 20C through a lab test demonstration.
-As a result of field application, the density of dehydration cakes has been improved and compared to existing uses, It has been confirmed that product use has decreased
-case of reducing the cost of sludge treatment by reducing product usage

Y Sewage treatment plant
-Existing items have high moisture content in winter (81.04%) 
-Upgraded ZETACOA 25C is supplied for winter in accordance with the sludge in the field at the time the moisture content, such as winter, rises.
-Based on field application, it is found that the moisture content has decreased with less input than the existing product. (81.04%->79.88%)
-Examples of reduced sludge disposal costs due to reduced moisture content and lower drug usage (81.04%->79.88%)
D Food garbage disposal plant
-Due to the nature of food waste water, there were difficulties in separating flocs and extra fluids due to the high salt content, high concentration of organic matter, low pH and high oil content.
-2nd iron chloride (FeCl3) is used as a cohesive aid in the field, but it has poor cohesion
-Select the proper product using PIC (Positive Adapters) and ZETACOA 25C through the Lab test
-Field application confirms better efficiency and economy at the same amount of input
-Wastewater that has not been properly treated by existing organic coagulant companies can be treated properly through organic and inorganic composite solutions. 


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