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TARA(Turtles Automatic Robo-Advisor)SYSTEM is the Artificial Intellingence Trading System Optimized for Theme Stocks,picking now rising stocks, and telling the right time to buy,
meanwhile Value Stocks, Growth Stocks is only acceptable profit solution by another trading systems. ,
Expert says,
‘Where is the opportunity? The secret is to manage risk factors. We don't put money on value.
We're not a company that's oriented, we're not a company that has the momentum to anticipate.
It's just the best, the most rigorous investment. The secret of an investment expert is to make a strict investment. We need to recoup all of our investments if possible. ’ (Douglas Shifu, CEO of Butchoo Financial)

TARASYSTEM is an artificial intelligence auto trading system for 42 theme sections, more than 100 sub-themes and fundamentals considered 1300 items, classifying theme stocks in real day time
trading, and selecting the best time to buy.

TARASYSTEM is not based on a person's subjective judgement, but on mechanical and systematic
stock selections by big-data and artificial intelligence algorithm which is buying and selling stocks automatically.

We aim to invest in mid- to long-term momentum using ultra-short-term semitransplantation.
Artificial intelligence system,    utilizing quantitative trading, rules and probability base, will change the way of the investment.

First : circulation (sector rotation
The stocks market affected by various issues such as government policy, regulation, politics,
economy and society, provides the theme stocks opportunities to our algorithm to capture the best choices in the flow of theme stocks, while issues emerges and extincts.

Second : Momentum
Momentum refers to the physical nature of the stock market to continue to move in the direction it was moving.

Absolute Momentum means ascending period or downward period based on certain stock investment return rate.

TATASYSTEM only sort out the stocks in the ascending section.

Relative momentum is utilizing relative strength of ascending item. The relative-moment strategy is to select the strongest item even in strong theme area.

In other words, our automatic trading system uses the principle of momentum with investment in hot theme areas obtaining excessive profit, preventing the loss by staying in stagnant situation,
not same as value and growth investment strategy which could damage the investment.


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