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Infrared grill Zaigle

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Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

A well-being infrared cooker using reverse thinking,

Zaigle, is the beginning of a life revolution.

We will let you experience a comfortable and delicious food culture.

Zaigl is not a common recipe but a two-way infrared cooker.
The red light from above is heated, and the fire is heated under the radiation.
Cooked up and down, there is no smell, smoke, or oil concern.
After the development of hotel-style cooker, we will pay for each type of test result in 2 years.
I am sure that this is a product that changes my kitchen and life.
Zaigl is a green, well-being cooker, brand-in-a-brand person.
The field of living health cooking equipment used, well-being household appliances, and well-being leisure products.
I would like to contribute to creating an environment that is better than releasing it.
First product factor, you can experience delicious food culture and comfort to customers.
I'll cover you up. Thank you.

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