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Skinshot LED MASK

$ 270.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 730
Min Order : 2000
Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

- Da not destroy or deasserntle the mask on your own. - Discomect the charging cable and the product after it e fuly charged. - Do not clean the product with water. oil. or alcohol. Do not operate the mask with wet hands - Pease use the charging adapter provided with the product and do not use rapid chargers - Do not operate or charge the mask if it is catered in water. - Do not drop from a high place. Do not apply fate. - Do not use while the charging adapter is comectect Do not bend or twist the adapter. - peen the mask from direct& contacting mouth. nose. inside ear. - Children or babies must not use the mask Eldedy should be advised before using the mask - Stop using immediately if breathing becomesdifficult - Do not look directly into the LED lights. - aen-ode jewelry and accessories before use. - Remove any makeup sunsoeert or any skin products that may contain retinal or pigment bi cleansing face before use. - Try not to watch TV or reading books while using the mask. - Stop using immediately if the mask feels too hot - Stop using immediately if abnormal reactionssuch as skin irritation appear. - Do not use if there is damage within the product - Do not expose the product to high temperaturesor boiling water. Do not use the product if it has been exposed to such conditions - Do not put the product in water or operate it in water. - Do not use the product if there's any smoke or unusual odors. - Do not apply heat to the battery or the product. - Do not use the product and contact customer service when there are odors or/and discharge from the battery. - Please keep sour eyes closed when wearing mask to acid LED directly irradiated during use.

• FACTORY WARRANTY :1 year from the date of purchase • WARRANTY APPLICATION : DPC Skinshot LED mask
- Having the warranty card and serial number with you will speed up after service process and it will confirm certification for the DPC manufactured product. - Warranty period is confirmed through sellers or by payment date. If the date of purchase carrot be confirmed. the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture. - The warranty card cannot be reissued. - If special agreements are agreed. terms of conditions of warranty may differ. - DPC customer service : 02-544-2468
• Free service After service within the warranty period (1 year from the date of purchase) is available with free of charge. If the product is used for commercial purposes there is no after service.
• Fee for service 'Even within the wanarty period the bIb.'Arg isares are ecluied from free after wM:e. 1. If It has been over 1 year since the date of purchase 2. If it has been damaged by the user. Water damage.drop. shock damage. or other user damage) 3. If it there are scratches deformation. discoloration. etc. by user. 4. If the product has been disassembled or modified by the user. S If it is damaged by not following instructions 6. If the components (adapter. mask band. etc) have worn out or been lost 7. If warranty card is lost not provided. or if the purchase date is not confirmed 8. Malfunctions due to natural disaster. (fire. gas earthquake. or lightning) 9. Malfunctions due to external factors 10. Malfunctions due to not observing the guidelines as recommended in the users manual.

Wash and cleanse face before vveanng the mask. Use AUTO mode and use it for 12 minutes Stop using the mask if there is any skin irritation. noise. or heat from the product during or after use. Make sure to contact customer service.
- Individuals with cardiovascular and/or neurological disease or conditions - Individuals with a tendency to have difficulty breathing or who experience vertigo - Individuals who are taking medications or are receiving treatments for skin conditions - Acne. dermatitis rosacea - Plastic surgery including laser and other injection treatments - Individuals with eye disease and those who have had eye surgery - Individuals with infectious diseases - Individuals with implants and other dental prosthetic treatments - Individuals who have received laser hair removal or hair loss treatment - Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding - Individuals with claustrophobia or anxiety disorder - Individuals with wounds on face - Individuals with an allergy to the sun or photosensitivity - Other illnesses or conditions that require treatment
- Shine rays at effective wavelengths on the skin surface to improve skin. - Lamps are placed in consideration of the contours of face and for maximizing effects - The availability of different modes for each skin type enables individualized skin care. - The sensor automatically detects to stop the treatment when the mask is loosened from face. It will prevent the light from shining directly in efts - Auto mode runs full minutes Red. blue. violet modes run 10 minutes each. The running time reflects the required time for optimal results - YOu can relax easily during care since it is wireless - The voice guide function will help you to monitor modes easily with eyes closed.

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