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First Aid Box K (Vending Machine)

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Unique benefits of First Aid Box K

• An emergency circumstance can happen at any time and any place. However the reality is right first aid kits every building and district are unavailable

• Three are found a number of buildings and districts without the chemist. In addition it is not available for 24 hours

• How quick the fist treatment is in place matters to all emergency circumstances
The design of this item is sleek and outstanding that provides excellent visibility in buildings or streets resulting in high demand. Any one in an emergency circumstance can find it quickly and execute the first treatment It enables an user to treat by oneself referring to a manual and demo video as the basic treatment is simple. The vending machine is devised to dispense a first aid kit for the most mediocre emergency in life (based on statistical sales data at the chemist's )

Features of First Aid Box K

- With a wide range of products possibly assorting essential kits in an emergency and updating the list of kits to a circumstance

- With centralized stock management possible to update the combination of items in a kit by accumulative statical data

- Dedicate to elevating images that optimize the health of clients and employees at buildings or companies (resorts) with First Aid Box installed
- Maximizing visibility of essential supplies by storing a defibrillator/ a fire extinguisher with First Ad Box in one place. it is easily found in an emergency

- It becomes more essential as the importance of health is building up to protect oneself from yellow dust, fine dust, SARS, MERS, Coronavirus

- Most of all it needs to improve the quality of public health and safety in perspective of public benefit


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