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What is the breathing mineral in ZEROCUBE?
A breathing mineral with microscopic voids by special processing of domestic natural minerals
Have been proved to be harmless to human body through 9 types of MSDS!
Excellent deodorization is effective to remove bad breath permeated in the mask!
Quickly dehumidify the mask due to breathing!!
Excellent antibacterial effect of minerals due to high far-infrared radiation!!
Isn’t it uncomfortable to take care of your daily mask?
The hygienics is necessary for the mask that touches your mouth
Uses PP material that is harmless to human body PP stands for Polypro Pylene and it has strong resistant to heat and safe when used in high temperature which allows it to be used for medical and children’s use.
Keep your mask in ZEROCUBE when you don’t need it.
No Bad Breath, No Humidity, No Germs will remain.
ZEROCUBE mineral cartridge Quickly absorbs odor, humidity, and pathogen on the mask And release when it’s not used as if it breathes and helps to use the mask for a longer time

Notes for Use
-The contents in the cartridge is harmless but do not intake them.
-The period of use is 6 months.
-Don’t heat the product over 100 Celsius.
-Do not put contaminated masks.
-When the cartridge is removed, dehumidification, deodorization and disinfection effect decreases.

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